About Us

Nature has been important to me since my childhood; I grew up surrounded by flowers and trees in my parent’s market garden.  I was already moving around the greenhouse by the age of one, and I saw how my parents treated the flowers.  In autumn, I collected fallen leaves, and dried them between the pages of books; I still have some stored in a box.

My art has a close relation to nature; I have always loved natural colours.  As a child, I collected flowers in bundles, and at school my classmates copied my beautiful drawings to decorate the classroom windows. I have studied colours theoretically, and I have specially concentrated on the white pigment. I am a pioneer in producing micro-cellulose products.

I noticed the malleability of clay already as a child. I played with clay and made all sorts of things with it. Clay was found in the ground. I noticed the feel of clay with microcellulose and developed a new material, Sisusavi®. It can be handled like clay, but it doesn’t dirty clothes.

vanhat_kirjatMy first books, which were foreign flower catalogs in which my father glued pictures, were worn from much handling.  In my first school class (at age 7 in Finland), I presented adult-level poems with advice from my mother. I borrowed books from the library, and read them in the attic in peace.  In my matriculation examination test, I wrote an essay on the topic “Man is Wolf to Man.”  Later, I studied fiction writing in the University of Helsinki and the Orivesi Writing School.