Under Glass: a Life with Asperger Syndrome

ISBN 978-952-68173-0-9

A novel about how to overcome difficult events in life.  This story tells about the importance of attitude, and makes you to reflect on your own thinking.  The book most helps those who have children with disabilities.  The book is useful to teachers and social workers, and to those who study those subjects.

Asperger children are often good at school, but suffer other difficulties than learning ones.

The novel is available in Chinese and it will be published in China in near future.

Tarinoita Johtajista (only in Finnish)

ISBN 978-952-68173-1-6

This book consists of small stories about leadership by introducing many kinds of leaders.  Readers recall many stories from the workplace, although the stories in the book are humorous and even absurd.

Matkalla (only in Finnish)

ISBN 978-952-68173-2-3

This book consists of small stories about love and about travelling around the globe.

Runot työelämästä ja muusta elämästä (only in Finnish)

ISBN 978-952-68173-3-0

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