The SISU dolls have faced many difficult situations


The SISU dolls come from Finland, and they live in Sisula.

They rely on their resilience and perseverance to be able to stand fast.  Striking the right balance requires patience.  The SISU dolls are immune to stress, as it would prevent them from attaining equilibrium.

A SISU doll couple spent an entire summer outdoors, through rain and shine, thunder and lightning; not once did they go inside.  Come September, when they finally came back in, they were both still in good condition, though the sun had made the plastic eyes of the small-hatted one turn yellow.

SISU dolls have faced many other difficult situations as well.  One SISU doll survived being trapped in a fire. A few survived being shot in the head–their eyes flew off, but other than that they escaped with only small dents.  SISU dolls have been used to support a cabinet, which they did by joining forces.  SISU dolls have also fallen from tall trees, but always found some way to land properly.  They have stayed alert and carried on as if nothing had happened.  Other SISU dolls have fallen into an aquarium filled with fish.  The fish, slightly baffled, nibbled at them.  When they were taken out of the aquarium and dried, they were none the worse for having been dipped.  SISU dolls have even survived outdoors in minus 20 degrees Celsius with only a slight numbness from the cold, and were eager to go at it again.

SISU dolls are made from wood, which means they have a close relationship with nature.  They can be buried in the ground, and will decompose over time.  SISU dolls love flowers, and are keen to learn new skills, such as how to use a Computer.

SISU dolls and SISU mushrooms are beautiful together.

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