Sisu soft clay


Sisusavi® is a soft and safe crafting mass emphasizing the versatility and unique nature of Sisusavi®. Ready to use immediately, it hardens in room air in 1–4 days depending on the size and thickness of the object. The work can be painted while wet or dry and varnished. Kneading improves the material’s moldability. Store airtight after opening. Sisusavi® is made of natural material, microcellulose, and contains no messy clay or plastic. Various sculptures, decorative, and utilitarian objects can be molded from the mass. It can be worked in many of the same ways as kiln-fired clay. Sisusavi reproduces even the smallest patterns accurately and can even be thrown on a pottery wheel! The material is almost edible and suitable for molding with children, but it is also suitable for more demanding use. The drying of works made from Sisusavi® can be accelerated, for example, in the sun, with a hair dryer, in a baking oven, or in a microwave oven. Used material is compostable or can be reused.