Greenbutton’s microcellulose products represent circular economy

Although nature gives some beauties of its own, our microcellulose products maximise its advantage producing bright colours integrating art, design and jewellery.  Colourful reliefs, small colourful Sisu figures, artificial colourful flowers, jewellery and dishes are all produced from microcellulose, which originate from nature. It is a joy and great pleasure to assimilate into the colourful culture. We are interested even in niche markets where we could offer high tech products.

All plants and trees consist of cellulose. Tree cellulose is mainly utilized as paper products. Cellulose fiber is actually a long fiber and its length is dependent what plant it proceeds from. Microcellulose has a very short fiber compared to normal cellulose fiber. They both contain the same cellulose molecules and nanocellulose, too. When the fiber is very short you could not any more produce paper from it. However, you get other properties, for example bringing up exceptionally bright colours, retarding fire and being processable to durable products.  Nanocellulose resembles more microcellulose than normal cellulose.

Greenbutton’s microcellulose product palette is diverse and some products are multi-purpose. For example, Greenbutton microcellulose flowers can be used for many purposes. Children can include them in their play or a friend can bring then to her friend in hospital or they can be part of a larger home decoration.  Sometimes people require tailored jewellery. Often ladies require that their Sisucellu necklace has the same colour as her dress and the longitude of the necklace is also important.  We produce jewellery products flawless according to our customer’s demand.

Sisucellu Jewellery with bright colours ameliorate a person’s possibilities to be noticed. Jewellery made of microcellulose is completely reusable. If the person finds her microcellulose earrings obsolete, she could violently crash the earrings into small amount of water. First, she peels off the lacquer on top of the earrings. Then she can add colour in the sludge and when the water has evaporated enough, she can produce new ear rings for her. Nothing is lost as waste.

Your bright coloured microcellulose necklaces could give you invaluable safety in fire. Especially if you are covered with necklaces, they act as a fire retardant.

Microcellulose does not harm nature, because it originates from nature. You could cultivate plants on it such as there were soil. The production process of the Greenbutton’s products does not side produce any waste or pollution. Microcellulose dishes are produced at room temperature or maximum at 100 Celsius degrees. One principle and target in the circular economy is to produce products without waste and which could be circulated easily. Products made of cellulose fulfil these requirements.