Under glass: A life with Asperger Syndrome

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Saila Seppo. Under Glass: a Life with Asperger Syndrome. Trans. Kenneth Gustafsson. Helsinki: Greenbutton Ltd., 2014. Hardcover. 129 pp. ISBN-10: 9526817303

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This is a novel about how to overcome the difficult events in life. The novel is extremely interesting also to those who have never heard about Asperger syndrome.

The narrative is written from the mother’s point of view. It tells the story of the deep feelings of a mother who lives together with her children. The book discloses different aspects of Asperger syndrome. This syndrome is often understood much too narrowly. Pekka is a child with Asperger syndrome. He experiences many domestic and school situations. The book tells the story of a family with 5 children. Pekka’s siblings have to face difficult situations that reveal Pekka as an almost ordinary child. A number of serious situations make the mother learn how to behave in different situations.

“I was invited to take a look. When I looked inside, I saw Pekka making many attempts to make it finally well. I was obliged to see a rare happy occasion of success…. I was admiring the boy continuously with his over-and-over-again-attempts notwithstanding the fact some of them were not successful….. Pekka’s skills had slowly been growing over the time, but he was not as good as some of the other boys he had to deal with. But I am considered to reveal the matter and to make our own expertise with practice and perseverance.”