Cellulose Reliefs

Saila Seppo is a pioneer in using micro cellulose as an artistic medium. She had an idea to mix colour, water and cellulose. Cellulose originates from trees, and for colouring she had used the very finest acrylic paints. First, she made test panels, which she showed to her friends. They liked those, so she continued exploring the colours.

The colours shine in her art work like those in the most expensive cars, or the most beautiful butterflies. That is because of their cellulose material.


Solo exhibition, AVA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 4.2017

Group exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 27.9. -31.12.2016 theme Creative trends (Tendias Criativas)

Group exhibition, AVA Gallery Helsinki Finland, 6.2016

Group exhibition, New York Earth the Survival Essence (United Nations), USA 5.2016

Group exhibition, Osaka Ava Art Festival, Osaka, Japan 3-4.2016

Solo exhibition, AVA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 1.2016