Greenbutton dishes

Greenbutton dishes are designed to be both beautiful and functional. These dishes keep food warm, so they can be used just after heating the food. These dishes keep food from your refrigerator cold for longer than other brands. Greenbutton dishes possess high thermal resistance, even though they are thin. That means you do not need to use any potholders with Greenbutton dishes. You can put a plain Greenbutton plate under your hot pot or boiler to protect your table’s surface. The newest product is an egg cup made of micro cellulose.

These dishes are made of tree cellulose.  Their colours are acrylic, and the dishes themselves are treated inside with oils that are suitable in the kitchen.  Their exteriors are covered with a water-based lacquer, and they are produced at room temperature from micro-cellulose and water.  They are thus very ecological dishes, and can have fragmented surfaces that recall the finest porcelain.

You can drop them without their breaking, and can clean them with warm, soapy water.  Do not let them stay a long time in water, however.

Avoid the use of steel kitchen utensils, ovens and dishwashers.